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Her er det nyheter og presseskriv angående Team HITEC PRODUCTS UCK.

  • Team Weekend in Stavanger

    Last weekend was the first gathering for the 2014 team. Riders and staff came together to get to know each other, and do 'everything except cycling'. We stayed conveniently at Hotel Rica in Stavanger airport. We started with indoor football at Elixia Forus, continued with a trip in the local mountains, planning of the 2014 calendar and concluded on the sunday with power training and yoga classes at Elixia Forus. On the Saturday we had a nice christmas dinner with our main sponsor Hitec Products management.
    Participants: Tone H.Lima, Siri Minge, Emilie Moberg, Thea Thorsen, Cecilie G.Johnsen, Miriam Bjørnsrud, Karl Lima, Terje Hatteland (Norway), Audrey Cordon (France), Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy), Sara Olsson (Sweden), Julie Leth (Denmark), Marc Bracke, Juan Verpaelst and Didier Ghijsels (Belgium)

  • Team Hitec Products hiking in Norway

    All of the team are this weekend in Norway. Today we have been hiking in the mountain.
  • Elisa ends season with podium in Chrono des Nations (UCI 1.1)

    Our Italian captain finished the season in style in the  French classical time trial in Herbiers, where she finished 3d after Ukranian Hanna Solovey and American Alison Tetrick.
  • Bronse for Rossella in the Worlds RR

    Rossella Ratto took her first world championships medal with bronse in Toscana. Marianne Vos won. Elisa was number 8, and Miriam 38. Only 46 of 141 finished.

  • Elisa is back for real in the World Championships ITT

    Just 3 months after her gruesome crash in the Italian nationals, Elisa Longo Borghini finish number 13 in the Worlds ITT, 2 places better than her 2012 result. Also Rossella and Cecilie improved their 2012 result significantly, while debutant Thea Thorsen made a fine result with her 25th place. Emilia Fahlin was number 30 , Ellen van Dijk (Nederland) won, 24 seconds before Linda Villumsen (New Zealand), and Carmen Small (USA) completed the podium.
  • 13.Place in World Championships TTT

    As in 2012, Specialized Lululemon smashed all resistance and won in great style (with former Hitec-rider Lisa Brennauer on the team!). We ended on 13th place, which was below our own expectations.
    Team: Rossella, Elisa, Julie, Emilia, Cecilie and Thea

  • Overall Victory for Tone in DNB Cup

    Tone Hatteland Lima won women elite class in the 6-round DNB Criterium series in Stavanger, after being the only woman to win sprints in the 'black class', where masters, juniors and elite women are competing. The cup is a points race with 45 rounds. The girl with most points was nevertheless young Suzanne Andersen (15!), who won loads of sprints in the 'blue class'.
  • Emilie Moberg won Roserittet

    Emilie continue to show form with winning 'Roserittet' in Horten convincingly. After second place on the time trial Friday, she won both the road races Saturday and Sunday, both times ahead of Tiril Bjønnes.
  • Dual Double Victories for Emilie and Tone in Halden 

    Newcomer Sara Olsson started for the first time in the criterium in Fredrikstad on the saturday. She helped to lead out for victories both on the Saturday and Sunday. Siri Minge was also very active both days. Tone Hatteland Lima lead out Emilie Moberg for 2 wins in a row, but even though they doubled up on Sunday, Ingrid Lorvik (CK Viktoria) took the 3d place, and with that the overall Norwegian cup GC in Cecilies absence. 
    Results Criterium
    Result roadrace
    Video (After 08:35)

  • Giro Della Toscana (UCI 2.HC) 

    This race was not a succes for anyone, except for the socalled "winner" Cladia Hausler of Team Tibco. We claimed a podium on stage 1, but before final stage 4 we and all the foreign teams except Tibco chose to withdraw because of road safety issues. The last stage was run as a master start until the finish, when the organiser team took the first 6 places. Good luck with that. 
  • Chrono Champenois (UCI 1.1) 

    Thea, Cecilie and Julie did this ITT as a final prep for the TTT in Italy. They were really even, and ended on 13th, 14th and 15th place. Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon) won the race. 
  • Hosking claims fifth stage of Boels Rental Ladies Tour

    Chloe Hosking wins the fifth stage of Boels Rental Holland Ladies Tour in bunch sprint. Hitec Products UCK’s Chloe Hosking sprinted to victory in today’s fifth stage of the Holland Ladies Tour ahead of Dutch super-sprinter Kirsten Wild (Team Argos Shimano) and American Shelly Olds (Tibco to the Top). Read more. 
  • Emilie on the podium in Stage 4 Boels Ladies Tour (UCI 2.1)

    4 of 6 stages are done in Holland Ladies Tour. In stage 1 we lost Siri Minge after a bike change, and scored a 8th place with Chloe in the sprint won by Kirsten Wild (Argos Shimano). On the TTT stage 2 we were down to 5 riders and our 9th place may have been a little dissapointing but understandable. The girls work really hard. On stage 3 Annemiek Van Vleutens long soloattack were reeled in by Argos Shimano and Kirsten Wild won again. Emilie Sprinted to a 8th place. Then on stage 4, Elke Gerbhardt (Argos) beat Vera Koedoeder (Sengers) for the win after a really long break. In the peloton sprint 30 seconds behind, Emilie Moberg beat Shelley Olds (Tibco) and Kirsten Wild to take her first international podium this year. Great work by the girls in the leadout. One sprint stage in Veen remaing, then the Sunday will be a hilly final in Limburg, with the Cauberg 2 times.
    Team: Emilia Fahlin, Chloe Hosking, Emilie Moberg, Tone Hatteland Lima, Julie Leth, Siri Minge.

  • 10th for Rossella in GP de Plouay (CDM)

    The final of the world cup was won by Marianne Vos. Rossella Ratto finished on a nice 10th place after good work in the first rounds by the rest of the team
    Team: Miriam Bjørnsrud, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Chloe Hosking, Rachel Neylan, Rossella Ratto, Elisa Longo Borghini
  • First win for Siri in SSS Cup

    Siri Minge scored her first win in the Hitec Products-jersey yesterday in the local Sandnes Cup #2. Women Elite started with the Men 15-16 class and Siri beat Tiril Hole Mohr (Stavanger).
  • Teamwork in Lotto Belisol Tour (UCI 2..2)

    With only 6 of 7 places filled we were happy to finish 4th at the opening TTT over 19,7 km won as expected by Specialized Lululemon. We were only 6 seconds from the podium. It was a great help to have Elisa back, too! The GC is not easy when 3 teams of at least 12 riders is ahead of us at the start of the next stage. The second stage was a rainy and windy crashfest won by Kirsten Wild (Argos Shimano) and a podium for Rossella on third. Stage 3 was another bunch sprint where Kirsten Wild won and Chloe sprinted to 9th place. On the last stage in Geraardsbergen, the team worked hard for our leader in the GC Rossella, who finished on a nice 4th place after winner Nettie Edmondson (Orica), this result helped her gain a satisfactory 8th place in the GC. The overall winner was Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon).
    Team: Rossella Ratto, Elisa Longo Borghini, Chloe Hosking, Emilie Moberg, Siri Minge, Tone Hatteland Lima

  • Home victory for Cecilie in Norwegian Cup #4 in Trondheim! 

    The 3 girls from the team Tone, Miriam and Cecilie had a real handsful with the 7 girl strong CK Victoria team in the first 4 of the 7 rounds. In the big hill on the 4th round, the lead group of 15 split and we got Miriam and Cecilie in the break with only 1 CK Victoria girl, Lorvik. Others in the break was Vita Heine (Bergen CK), Borghild Løvseth (Orkla CK) and Tina Andreassen (Ringerike). The 2 Hitec girls controlled the break and Miriam made a fine leadout for Cecilie who took the sprint and her 3d NC victory this year! 
  • Rossella No 8 in Vårgårda World Cup!

    Marianne Vos was again the strongest in a very exciting road race in Sweden. Rossella Ratto was our best with 8th place, in the remains of a 10 women lead group. Until then Cecilie Johnsen had a fair attempt to bridge to 2 leaders (Knetemann and Gunnewijk). Emilia Fahlin sprinted in to a 17th place in group 2., in which Cecilie also was. Julie and Emilie finished in group 3.  For more details read the race report here

    Team: Emilia Fahlin, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Julie Leth, Thea Thorsen, Emilie Moberg, Rossella Ratto

    UCI World Cup Ranking
  • Tone won the first 'Tour de Fjords'

    Tone Hatteland Lima was the fastest woman through the 160 km long course on the time 4:14. This was a parallell event to the UCI Stage race for men in Stavanger. Next year this event is expected to be a UCI womens event too!
    Siri Minge was number 4 in the hilly course.

  • 9th in Vårgårda TTT (UCI CDM)

    The 6th round of the world cup was the team time trial in Sweden. The team ended on a 9th place after losing Thea very early. Specialized Lululemon won the race.
    Team: Julie Leth, Emilia Fahlin, Emilie Moberg, Thea Thorsen, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Rossella Ratto.

  • Sprint Victory for Tone in Lysebotn-Bryne (Aarbakkerittet) 

    In the race with the most brutal and beautiful start of the world, Tone sprinted to victory ahead of Hilde Hetland (Dalane). More than 500 riders participated in the beautiful weather. The race is a mixe between men and women and arranged by Tones club Bryne CK 
    1. Tone Hatteland Lima (Bryne CK/Hitec Products) - 4:16:54 
    2. Hilde Hetland (Dalane CK) s.t. 
    3. Janicke Gunvaldsen (Sandnes) - 4:27:23 

  • Stage win for Tone in Tønsberg 4-dagers 

    Siri and Tone took the opportunity to race this traditional Norwegian stage race. The 4 stages found 4 different winners (Hofstad, Heine, Tone and Andreassen), and the overall was won by Ingrid Lorvik of CK Victoria. The goal was a win on one of the 2 road race stages, and after  ending 4th on the first, Tone succeded with one of her trademark long sprints on stage 3 in a 7 girl group. 
    Results, stage 3
    Result overall

  • Chloe 7th in Sparkassen Giro (UCI 1.1)

    Together with Argos Shimano the team did a good job of keeping the peloton together for a bunch sprint. In the final kilometers Vera Koedoeder (Sengers) attacked, but with joint efforts we closed the gap on the final kilometer.
    Into the last corner Emilie and Chloe was together but a crash from 3 riders disrupted the sprint slightlly. It ended with a double win by Sengers, by Christine Majerus and Maike Polspoel, and a 3d for the favourite Kirsten Wild. Chloe sprinted in to a nice 7th place.
    Team: Emilie Moberg, Chloe Hosking, Thea Thorsen, Tone Hatteland Lima, Julie Leth, Miriam Bjørnsrud

  • Thuringen Rundfahrt (UCI 2.1) 

    Due to the ongoing European Championships and many injuries, we started in Germany somewhat reduced, with 4 riders. After the first day we lost Rachel and Siri, so it was down to Emilia and Cecilie to race the remaining 6 stages. It started all well, with 7th and 10th place, but on stage 2 Emilia punctureds out of the GC. Cecilie had some stomach problems but recovered as the week went by. The race was won comfortably by Emma Johansson (Orica). 
    Team: Emilia Fahlin, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Siri Minge, Rachel Neylan 
  • Fantastic Results for the girls in European Championships Road Race 

    Italy couped the road race and got 4 girls in the descisive break of 18 riders in the Czech Republic. Rossella Rattos team mate Suzanna Zorzi soloed to win, while another team mate, the sensation Francesca Cauz, attacked the group to second. Rossella lost the last podium place to Solovey of Ukraine. Miriam Bjørnsrud was also in the breakaway and finished on 7th place, the best result of her career. Julie and Thea was in the peloton. 
    Participants:  Rossella Ratto (Italy) Miriam Bjørnsrud, Emilie Moberg, Thea Thorsen (Norway), Julie Leth (Denmark) 
  • Rossella on the podium and Thea 6th in the European Championships ITT

    Rossella Ratto (Italy) had a suberb ITT today, when she finished 1;35 behind the highly controversial winner from Ukraina, Ganna Solovey. This was Rossellas 4th UCI-podium this year. Thea Thorsen (Norway) also did maybe her performance of the year with a brilliant 6th place. Congratulations to both!
    Video from Podium

  • Tour de France for Women in 2014? 

    Here a video-interview from Norwegian TV channel NRK yesterday evening with our rider Siri Minge (19) on the possibilities of a Tour de France for women in 2014.
    The petition to ASO have already collected nearly 30000 votes (initial goal was 10000), Dont hesitate, go and vote!

  • Tone 15th in Bergeijk, Holland 

    Tone Hatteland Lima stopped by in Holland on her way home from Bretagne and finished 15th in the 60km criterium in Bergeijk. The rwinner was Vera Koedoeder. 
    Results (top 20)
  • Tour de Bretagne Feminin (UCI 2.2) 

    For the third time we raced in Bretagne, and as always it was a beautiful race. It started not so good when we had a crash with the team car on oir way to the race, but luckily both Siri Minge and the team manager came out of the wreck unharmed. In the first stage we were not able to follow the descisive break of 10 riders and that hampered our GC plans. We did a good ITT on stage 2, with Julie taking the 13th place, and Thea on 20th place. On the last stages 3 and 4  we contested the sprints with Emilie. For these mass sprints you need leadout coordination, speed and a bit of luck, and we didnt get all 3 parts right simultaneously. The race ended with a 13th place for Emilie in the last sprint and a 19th place for Julie in the GC. If the results werent brilliant, the racoing was good preparation for the upcoming European Championships were 4 of the 6 riders will start. A special mention for Tone who tirelessly carried bottles from the team car all week, in the very hot weather. The race was won by Audrey Cordon (Vienne Futuruscope). 
    Team: Siri Minge, Tone Hatteland Lima, Thea Thorsen, Emilie Moberg, Miriam Bjørnsrud, Julie Leth 
    Team Picture by Gwena
    The whole album here

  • Rossella Ratto 12th in Giro Rosa (UCI 2.1)

    The mountain Stages 5 and 6 was won by the American "comeback-kid" Mara Abbott. She kept her advantage through the flat 7th stage and the final ITT and won the Giro Rosa 2013. Stage 6 was dedicated to Elisa Longo Borghini and it was a very nice moment when the peloton lead by Hitec team rode past her in her wheelchair in her hometown Ornavasso, Rossella passed Anna vd Breggen again in the fight for the youth jersey, but another 'comet', Francesca Cauz climbed into this jersey on the hilly stages. A good final ITT by Rossella was not enough to retain the advantagge, but she ended on a nice 12th place in the GC. And we are probably the only team in history that had the white jersey with 2 different riders.
    Team: Rossella Ratto, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Emilia Fahlin and Julie Leth
    Movie from Stage 6 (Elisa at approx 02:50)


  • Puncture in the final of stage 4!

    After the longest stage of the Giro, 137 km in 34 degrees, Rossella had a flat on the last km. She lost the white jersey to vd Breggen with 9 seconds. Miriam did not start today so we are down to 4 with 3 stages to go.

  • Rossella Ratto in white after stage 3 of Giro de Italia (UCI 2.1) 

    After Cecilie sprinted to 8th place on stage 2, won by Giorgia Bronzini, Julie narrowly lost her white jersey to Guarischi on same GC time. Rossella Ratto claimed the youth jersey back on stage 3 with a strong 5th place on the summit finish. Marianne Vos won the stage. Miriam Bjørnsrud did a good job supporting Rossella in the late parts of the stage.

  • Julie in the Youth Jersey after Stage 1 Giro de Italia (UCI 2.1) 

    The first flat sprint stage saw young Dane Julie Leth jump into the white youth jersey that Elisa Longo Borghini won in the 2012 edition. She did so by winning 2 bonus seconds in the first intermediate sprint. Dutch Kirsten Wild won the stage, while 2d Marianne Vos will be in pink on stage 2 due to her intermediate bonus secs. For us Chloe Hosking sprinted into 13th place on the stage, while Julie is 5th in the GC, and Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen 6th (also due to a intermediate sprint bonus second).
    Team: Chloe Hosking, Rossella Ratto, Julie Leth, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Emilia Fahlin, Miriam Bjornsrud

  • Elisa Longo Borghini Crashed in the National Championships in Italy

    At the end of a succesful national championships week for us we received shocking news from Italy yesterday evening. With 3 km to go in the Italian championship road race, and a 25 second lead, Elisa Longo Borghini crashed hard in the decent. She was taken to hospital and is being treated for a hip fracture. She will miss one of her biggest season goals, Giro de Italia for women (Giro Rosa). Our sincerest thoughts are with Elisa and her family, and we wish her a speedy recovery.
  • Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen takes the Norwegian Jersey!

    The team started the 11 round and 121 km long race quietly. The only happening the first rounds was a big crash that involwed among others Tone, 2012 champ Hovdenak and 2 riders from our biggest rivals CK Victoria. Tone managed to come back quickly after a bike change. From the 3d round it was full speed and multiple attacks from the whole team culminated in the escape of Miriam and Cecilie on the finish area out on the 5th round. The duo steadily increased their lead to a more and more frustrated peloton, where Emilie, Thea, Siri and Tone were watch dogs,
    Onto the last km of the 11th round young Miriam Bjørnsrud patted Cecilies back afer they cooperated to a 3:40 lead. Cecilie demonstrated her power sprint on the last 100 meters to a well deserved Norwegian road gold. What a comeback for her after the ITT dissapointment on Thursday! Miriam was as delighted for her silver as she was dissapointed over last years of same colour.
    In the remainder of the peloton Tone did a killing leadout for our sprinter Emilie, who took the bronze ahead of Tina Andreassen (Ringerike). It was extremely satisfying to fill the podium after an optimal team performance,
    Team: Siri Minge, Tone Hatteland Lima, Thea Thorsen, Emilie Moberg, Miriam Bjørnsrud, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen

    Intervju med Miriam
  • Bronze for Rossella in Italy as Elisa crashes out in the last kilometers

    "We rode a perfect race" - Rossella Ratto. She took a strong 3d place in the sprint, beaten by Bronzini, 16 seconds behind winner Muccioli. But the race will only be remembered for Elisa Longo Borghinis bad crash out of her 25 second lead with 3 km to go. As we write this Elisa is still at the hospital, and everyone in the team (and the rest of the cyclingworld) wish her a speedy recovery.

  • Julie Leth in a Squeeze in Denmark RR

    The champion from 2011 had a tough day alone in a small field of 22 riders Saturday. 2 teams, The teams ABC and Rygter got each 2 riders in a break, and Julie did not get much help to catch them. Vallin (Rygter) won the race.
  • Emilia Fahlin Swedish Road Champion!

    After an exciting race that included a 90 km solo break from Emma Johansson (Orica GreenEdge), it came down to a close sprint in a 5 women break. Emilia beat Emma with approx 2 centimeters to gain her second Swedish road title! When Emilia took her first title in 2008 she was the young challenger who grabbed her chance under the nose of the favourites. Now she is an established pro star herself and can look forward to a new year in blue and yellow!

  • Crushing team performance when Thea soloed to victory in Norwegian Champs Criterium!

    In the rainy streets of Kristiansand, the team set full speed from start, and set off Thea already in the second round of the 1600 m course that contained 8 off 90-degree turns. She steadily increased her lead while the rest of the girls controlled the attempts of chasing in the peloton. In the end she won with 1:34 to her first national title as a senior. In the peloton sprint the girls demonstrated a classic sprint train, so effective that Emilie, Tone and Miriam took 2, 3 and 4th place to make the domination total.
    Team: Thea Thorsen, Emilie Moberg, Tone Hatteland Lima, Miriam Bjørnsrud, Siri Minge
    See a lot of pictures here

    The mighty Hitec Products sprint train, 1-2-3 in the peloton sprint! (Photo Karl Eric Quist)
  • A lot of almost in the national ITTs, but 3 podiums!

    The national championships ITT was looked forward to where we saw several opportunities for new jerseys in the team. It was not to happen. In Sweden Emilia Fahlin was 5th on a medium day for her. Emma Johansson won in crushing style. In Denmark Julie Leth took bronze medal where MTB-cyclist Annika Langvad won. In Norway Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen lost the gold with an agonizing 3 seconds to Tina Andreassen, Thea was 5th and Miriam Bjørnsrud 10th. Finally, in Italy, Elisa Longo Borghini was 15 seconds behind Tatiana Guderzo while Rossella Ratto were 4th only 2 seconds from 3d.
    Norway Photo

  • Youth and Mountain jerseys in Giro del Trentino (UCI 2.1)

    Another great perfoemance by the team in Italy. It started with a 11,5 km uphill TTT, where Julie, Chloe and Thea worked hard in the first part to set of the required 3 riders to finish, Cecilie, Elisa and Rossella. They finished in an impressive 4th place, while the stage was won by BePink. On the second stage, the same day, Elisa took 3d place after impressive climbing on the finish behind Evelyn Stevens and Emma Johansson. On the final strage on the sunday, Rossella Ratto came in the descisive break of 4. Shara Gillow jumped from the group and won solo. The rest of the group was absorbed by the chase group but Rossella still had the power to be third. Elisa finished 4th in the GC and Rossella 10th. The 2 Italians also came away with the Youth and Mountain jerseys!
    Team: Rossella Ratto, Chloe Hosking, Thea Thorsen, Julie Leth, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Elisa Longo Borghini.

  • 6th for Emilie in Passendale (UCI 1.15)

    On saturday another Kermess took place in Passendale, Belgium. A break with 3 went in and Else Belmans (Topsport Vlaanderen) won it. Emilie sprinted to 3d place in the chase group. Siri finished in the peloton. Tone started strongly but later dropped from the peloton.
    Team: Siri Minge, Emilie Moberg, Tone Hatteland Lima

  • Emilie 14th in Oedelem (UCI 1.15)

    Siri, Emilie and Tone together with Ringerike girtls Marthe Skjolden and Tina Andreassen started in this Belgian Kermess Race and were very active underway. A break with Liesbeth de Vocht (Rabobank) and Annelies van Doorslaer (Cyclelive Plus) was successful and De Vocht won. Siri had a mechanical and had to stop. Tone had a late escape attempt for 3d place but was caught with 3 km to go. Emilie ended 12th in the peloton sprint (14 total). Tone finished 20th.
  • Elisa Longo Borghini sprints to victory on stage 4 in Emakumeen Bira (UCI 2.1)

    It was the weekend for big victories for Team Hitec Products. The young Italian that won her first world cup in March in terrible weather, did it again yesterday in hail and rain in Bilbao. In the uphill summit sprint she beat world stars Evelyn Stevens (Specialized Lululemon) and former teammate Emma Johansson (Orica). Johansson won the final GC. The 4-girl team managed to be on the podium in every stage of the race! Team in Spain: Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy), Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen (Norway), Emilia Fahlin (Sweden), Rossella Ratto (Italy)
    Stage 4
    Stage 3
    Stage 2

  • Yellow jersey saved in the sprint in NC#3 Bergen

    In a difficult day for us, Emilie, Siri and Chloe was early out of the race. Tone and Julie fought the CK Victoria army alone for some rounds but couldnt stop Thrude Natholmen from escapoing to solo victory. Julie Leth saved Cecilie Gotaas Johnsens yellow jersey (in her absence) by winning the chase group sprint.

  • Julie Leth beat the 'MTB Queen' in Nordsjørittet

    It was a weekend for beating the divas. Former olympic champion, world champion and european champion Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå was beaten easily in the sprint by Julie Leth. This was after the duo shook off Lene Byberg on the final climb 20 km before the finish.
    The sprint


  • First UCI podium for Rossella Ratto in stage 1 of 'Emakumeen Bira' (UCI 2.1)

    A very nice start for the team in Spain, after a setback with injury of Rachel Neylan, we mustered a small team. Still we managed to grab podium and 2 jerseys. Marianne Vos (Rabobank) won the bunch sprint ahead of Adrie Visser (Boels) and a surprise sprinter Rossella Ratto. This is her first UCI podium as a senior, congratulations. She will carry the youth jersey on stage 2. Elisa Longo Borghini took the queen of mountain price and the mountain jersey. After a late puncture for Elisa, Emilia Fahlin brought her back to the peloton within the final 5 km, so she didnt lose any time. Next stage is very hard! All the 4 Hitec-girls are on the same time as the leader so there is everything to fight for (no time bonuses in Bira!).
    Team: Emilia Fahlin, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Rossella Ratto, Elisa Longo Borghini.

  • Thriller start in Spain: Elisa 4th in Durango-Durango (UCI 1.2)

    In an exciting prelude to the stage race 'Emakumeen Bira' on Thursday, Elisa Longo Borghini finished 4th in a group that was won by Marianne Vos (Rabobank). Rossella finished on an impressive 8th place.
    Team: Elisa Longo Borghini, Emilia Fahlin, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Rachel Neylan, Rossella Ratto
  • Wins for Elisa and Tone on the TT bikes

    The weekend was a sort of warmup for the coming important week. So 3 of the girls was in action on their time trial bikes in national races. In Italy in 'Chronometro Fontanafredda' Elisa Longo Borghini beat team-mate Rossella Ratto in a 25 km course. Confalonieri (Faren Letsgo Finland) completed the podium.
    In Norway, Tone Hatteland Lima won the 22 km long ITT 'Tempo Velux' arranged by her club Bryne CK. 2. Hilde Hetland (Dalane) and 3. Anne Beth Eiken (Bryne CK) was closest.
  • Another top result for Rossella in Gooik (UCI 1.2)

    Rossella was in the desiscive break of 8 in the last of the 3 UCI-races in Holland and Belgium this weekend. Emma Johansson (Orica) won from an attack of 3 girls at the end, and Rossella finished 8th. Julie and Emilia was in the chase group of 30+ riders and Julie was 13 and Emilia 16.
    Team: Rachel Neylan, Emilia Fahlin, Julie Leth, Rossella Ratto

  • Eidsvoll Ranking Race 5th for Tone

    Tone and Siri represented the team on the Sunday in the race that includes the climbs Minneåsen and Tajet. Vita Heine (Bergen CK) won ahead of Ingrid Lorvik (Victoria). Tone was 5th and Siri 15th.
  • Rabobank 7-Dorpenomloop Aalburg (UCI 1.2)

    The second of 3 UCI-races for this weekend and Emila was our best rider with her 19th place. Marianne Vos won the race in a sprint of 7 riders.
    Team: Rachel Neylan, Julie Leth, Emilia Fahlin, Rossella Ratto

  • Eidsvoll NC2: Double win for Cecilie and Tone

    In the second round of the Norwegian Cup Cecilie grabbed another win followed by team mate Tone. This in a sprint of 30 riders, after a super leadout by Siri and Emilie. In the new general classification Cecilie keeps the yellow jersey and Tone is third.
    Team: Emilie Moberg, Siri Minge, Tome Hatteland Lima, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen

  • Boels Rental Hills Classic (UCI 1.2) Rossella with a 7th (or 6th) place

    The classic 'Holland Hills Classic' was held on Friday, and due to illness we mustered a small team. It was also our newbie Julie Leth's debut race. Rachel and Rossella managed to get in the descisive break of 14 and Rossellliea managed a nice 7th place (she believe it was 6th, look at the picture and judge) in the sprint won by South African Asleigh Moolman (Lotto Belisol). Julie finished in an impressive 22d place in her debut race.
    Team: Rachel Neylan, Julie Leth, Emilia Fahlin, Rossella Ratto

  • 2 stage wins for Cecilie in Tour of Zhoushan Island (UCI 2.2)

    The 'China campaign' ended successful for Team Hitec Products. On the first hilly stage, Elisa and Cecilie managed to get in a break of 9. Elisa attacked with Bronzini (Wiggle-Honda). Bronzini won the stage and Elisa 2nd. Cecilie had an unfortunate puncture with 4 km togo, after winning both intermediate sprints and KOMs.
    The second stage was flat, and saw an impressive Hitec Products sprint train, leading out Cecilie to beat the 'sprinter queen' Bronzini with 10 small centimeters. A fitting revenge for Cecilie from the day before!
    On the last stage, Thea, Tone and Emilie attacked hard before the hills, and a break of 6 formed after the first hill (unfortunately including race leader Bronzini). Cecilie attacked with Elina Kuchinskaya (Rusvelo), and the duo stayed away with 20 seconds to the chasers. In the final, Cecilie dropped Kuchinskaya and soloed to her second consecutive stage win! Elisa was 5th on the last stage, Emilie 8th, Thea 27 and Tone 40.
    In the final GC Bronzini won with 14 seconds to Elisa on second place, while Cecilie was no 3, Emilie 12, Thea 26 and Tone 40. We also won the team competition, and the climbers and sprinters jerseys.
    DS Steven Sergeant stated: "The team work here was fantastic. Every rider did their share, and Im proud of them and the results in China"

  • Messy finish in the Tour of Chongming Island World Cup

    We actually rode one of our better races this year in the 5th round of the world cup in Shanghai. We covered attacks and looked after each other in the early stages, and the late soloattacks of first Aude Biannic (France) and then Tetyana Riabchenko (Forno d'Asolo) seemed under control, in the final kilometers however, with Riabchenko well in sight, things went wrong and the peloton took a wrong turn, and at this time the Hitec Products girl were well at the front with the train for Chloe Hosking set up. Not just valuable time was lost, but we never got time to reorganize and the sprint were not a success. In the mean time, Riabchenko duly won her first UCI-win. We managed to get some valuable WC points with Chloes 15th and Elisas 20th place, but all in all it was a dissapointing end to a good race. At the finish line, in the initial frustration some teams wanted to protest, and winner of the peloton sprint Giorgia Bronzini didnt go to the podium.  In the new world cup ranking, Elisa Longo Borghini drops to 4th place while the team as a whole rise to 3d place.
    Team: Chloe Hosking, Tone Hatteland Lima, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Elisa Longo Borghini, Emilie Moberg and Thea Thorsen
    Race report from CJ Farcuharson
    New WC ranking

  • Hosking Misses Yellow By One Second But Keeps Green

    After working hard throughout the three day Tour of Chongming Island Hitec Products fell an agonizing one-second short of claiming the overall title, however the team’s sprinter Chloe Hosking claimed the race’s Green points classification. Read more.

  • Hosking Takes Yellow On The Second Stage Of Tour Of Chongming Island. 

    Hitec Products’ Chloe Hosking sprinted into the race lead in today’s second stage of the Tour of Chongming Island. Read more.

  • Chloe Hosking In Green Points Jersey After First Stage Of The Tour Of Chongming Island.

    Hitec Products’ Chloe Hosking sprinted to second place in the opening stage of the Tour of Chongming Island today and sits in second overall by one-second. Read more.
    Team: Elisa Longo-Borghini, Chloe Hosking, Cecilie Johsen, Thea Thorsen, Emilie Moberg, Tone Hatteland.

  • Elisa 8th on stage 2 in GP Luxembourg (UCI 2.1)

    The prologue started promising for Cecilie with a 12th place in the rainy conditions. On the saturday her potential GC was disrupted by an early crash, and she came back to find that the peloton split in 2 groups. Later Elisa had her 5th puncture of the season, but with help from the waiting Emilia and a big effort of her own she managed to bridge back to the leading group. She finished in an impressive 8th place in the sprint won by Giorgia Bronzini.  
    On the sunday it was a waiting game, with few attacks but riders dropping from the back all the time. Our attempt to a sprint was hindered by a crash in the final kilometer. Marianne Vos won the last stage and the GC.
    Team: Elisa, Emilia, Rachel, Cecilie and Rossella.

  • Siri and Emilie with the national team in Gracia Orlova (UCI 2.2)

    In the Czech republic Emilie Moberg and Siri Minge represented Norway in the hilly stage race 'Gracia Orlova' (UCI 2.2). The race was dominated by the team of the winner Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon) and the best Norwegian placement was Ingrid Lorvik with two 9th places.
  • Victory for Tone in Spinnsprinten

    In Rogaland Tone won her first race of the season ahead of her clubmate Rakel Henriksen (Bryne) and Hilde Hetland (Dalane SK). The race was 55 km and mens race won by Markus Hoelgaard (Etixx-Ihned).
    Results can be found here by selecting klasse 'kvinner'
  • Victory in the first Norwegian Cup in Sandnes

    After several collective team efforts a break of 3 with Cecilie formed on round 3 of 5, this held to a 1 minute lead until 2 km before the finish when Cecilie escaped the other 2 and soloed to victory. In the peloton we took the 3 first places with Emilie, Thea and Tone. Siri Minge had her real debut for the team and can be happy with her contribution. This means we will defend the yellow jersey in Eidsvoll (round 2) in May.
    Results; Cecilie 1, Emilie 4, Thea 5, Tone 6, Siri 29.
  • Bad luck in the sprint of Dwars Door Westhoek (UCI 1.1)

    A puncture for Chloe 150 meters or so before the finish meant that there wouldnt be a top result on the day, but the team can be happy with their racing on the day. The winner was D'Hoore from Lotto Ladies.
    Team: Chloe, Emilia, Elisa, Rossella, Rachel

  • 4th for Chloe in Omloop Van Borsele (UCI 1.2)

    Strong riding by the team helped setting up Chloe Hosking in the decisive break where she got a nice 4th place. This result also means that we will defend both the jerseys in the Dutch top competition. Winner of the race was the ever-attacking Vera Koedooder (Sengers)
    Here is a race report
    Team: Chloe, Emilia, Elisa, Rossella, Rachel

  • Thea powers to her first win for the team in the Sandnes ranking race ITT

    Thea Thorsen has a true talent for time trialing, and she showed it fully when she beat Tina Andreassen (Ringerike) with 13 seconds in the first ranking race of the year. This is Theas first win for the team, nice since she has contributed to so many wins already.
    Results: Thea 1, Emilie 7, Cecilie 9, Toine 13, Siri 22.
  • Fantastic climbing of Elisa in 'LA FLECHE WALLONE' (CDM)  

    Another premium result by Elisa when she narrowly came second to Marianne Vos (Rabobank) on the Mur de Huy summit finish of 'La Fleche Wallone'. With this result she climbs up to third place in the World Cup classement!  
    Team: Emilia, Cecilie, Rossella, Chloe, rachel
    New individual WC Ranking

    Sarah Connolys pictures from La Fleche Wallone
  • 2 podiums in Ronde van Gelderland (UCI1.2)

    We mustered a strong team in This Dutch classic, combining the hilly parts of Arnhem and the windy 'dijks' of Deventer. The girls worked well together during the hectic race and a collosal final leadout from Elisa helped put Chloe on the podium for 3d behind Wild (Argos) and Bronzini (Wiggle Honda). It even put Elisa on the podium for Dutch 'top competition' youth jersey with her 6th place. 
    Team: Chloe, Elisa, Thea, Rachel, Emilia, Tone

  • 2 Podiums in Energiewachttour (UCI 2.2)  

    After a terrible first stage where we missed the break and effectively all chances in the GC, it was down to stage hunting for the remainder of the race. We hit back on stage 2 with a determined Chloe Hosking who sprinted into 2d place. After a not 100% committed time trial on stage 3a, Chloe was on the podium on stage 3b when she was only beaten by the impressive Kirsten Wild (Argos Shimano), and Julie d'Hoore (Belgium) for the win. In stage 4, Chloe was again in the decisive break, but dropped from the group in the end. At the last stage, we had high hopes when we got sprinter Emilie Moberg in a break of 8, but Carretta (Mcippolini) attacked the group and soloed to stage victory. Using a little too much energy Emilie didnt have the sprint legs and only finished 7. This was however her second top 10 placement of the race and she is on her way to the form of last year. She finished 4th in the youth classement. The rest of the team made a fine job of attacking and covering attacks throughout the race. Chloe was our best rider in the classement with a 18th place. Thea, Emilia and Cecilie was involved in crashes at the race but no serious injuries. The overall GC was won by Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon)
    Team: Chloe, Emilie, Tone, Cecilie, Thea and Emilia.
    All the results is found here
  • Emilia 9th in GP Dottignies (UCI 1.2)  

    The Rabobank team assaulted the peloton from start, and the break stayed away until the finish, where Vera Koedooder (Sengers) attacked to victory. Our team missed the break, but did an effort to reel it back. With one lap to go, Emilia attacked the peloton and finished 9th, 1:33 behind the 8-girl break.
    Team: Emilia, Elisa, Rachel, Cecilie

  • 4th for Elisa in Ronde van Vlaanderen (CDM)  

    It was the usual chaos in the start of the RVV, but our girls made it unscathered through the many crashes. The team rode solely for one captain today, Elisa. On the oude Kvaremont she attacked toghether with Marianne Vos (Rabobank) and Emma Johansson (Orica) and broke away. They were joined by Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon). On the Patersberg, Elisa had a shifting error near the top and nearly lost the group. The 4 attacked in turns the last kilometers, with 2 attempts from Elisa in the final 2 kms. On 200 meters, the group almost came to a halt, when Vos jumped and sprinted to victory. Elisa ended 4th, not surprising againt the better sprinters. Nevertheless an amazing week for the young Italian. She remains 4th in the WC overall, same placement as we hold for teams.
    Team: Elisa, Thea, Emilie, Emilia, Rachel, Cecilie
    Movie w highlights

    New World Cup Ranking
  • Gent Wevelgem (UCI 1.15) 24.March

    While the rest of the team won in Italy, a mix team consisting of 3 Hitec girls and 2 girls from Norwegian club Bryne CK fought it out in the stone cold Belgium. Thea Thorsen had a promising race with her 26th place. Kirsten Wild won as predicted, the Team Skil Argos was very strong.
    Team: Thea, Emilie, Tone, Margrethe Pedersen (Bryne CK), Rakel Kristine Henriksen (Bryne CK)
  • First WC Win for Elisa and the team inTrofeo Alfredo Binda (CDM)

    In the second round of the world cup in italy we took our first ever world cup win. It was Elisa Longo Borghini that rode solo the last 30km, efter dropping Amanda Spratt (Green EDGE). The podium was completed by Emma Johansson (Orica GreenEDGE) and Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon). WC-leader Marianne Vos (Rabobank) was 6. An important part was played by Rachel Neylan who gave her wheel to Elisa at a critical point in the race earlier. Our other Italian, Rossella Ratto, took a great 8th place. The race went under terrible weather conditions.
    Team: Elisa Longo Borghini (ITA) Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen (NOR) Emilia Fahlin (SWE) Rossella Ratto (ITA) Rachel Neylan (AUS).

    New WC ranking

    1. Elisa Longo Borghini (Hitec Products),. 2.Emma Johansson (Orica GreenEDGE), 3. Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon)
  • Dwars Door Vlaanderen (UCI 1.15)

    Tone started in this Belgian classic as the only Hitec-rider on wednesday and finished on 61th place. She had with her 2 clubmates, whos she is coaching, Margrethe Pedersen and Rakel Henriksen. They finished in 41th and 63d place. Kisrsten Wild won the race

  • No Results in Cholet Pays de Loire (UCI 1.2)

    Team: Cecilie, Emilie, Rachel, Tone, Emilia
  • Nice start to the World Cup, Ronde van Drenthe (UCI CDM)

    In terrible conditions, almost zero degrees, wind and rain, it was the toughest survives, and only 50 of the 120 starters finished the race. Again a race marred with crashes, which took out among others Emilie Moberg. Chloe managed to stay in the first group and out of danger, in the end she ended in a group of 6 chasers behind Vos and Van Dijk in the front and Emma Johansson as single chaser between. Vos won ahead of Van Dijk and Emma. Chloe outsprinted the strong chaser group (Wild, Olds, Armitstead, De Vries and Cromwell) for an impressive 4th place.
    Team: Chloe, Cecilie, Emilie, Tone, Emilia

    World Cup Ranking:

  • 7th in Drentse 8 van Dwingeloo (UCI 1.2)  

    Thursday was the start of the Ronde van Drente weekend. It started like normal with crashes in the neutralized start. Cecilie hit the ground and had to change bike early (which is why she didnt appear on the result list, no transponder). It all came down to a bunch sprint where Chloe finished 7, Marianne Vos (Rabobank) won the race ahead of Bronzini (Wiggle Honda) and Johansson (Orica).
    Team: Chloe, Emilie, Tone, Miriam, Cecilie.

  • Omloop van Hageland (UCI 1.2) 9th place for Elisa

    The race was surprisingly won by Wiggle Honda's young Emily Collins. She won from a bunch sprint with 40 riders, where Elisa took an impressive 9th place. Elisa were also in a breakaway with 2 other riders 5 km from the finish, but there was not a united effort in the break, so it was caught in the descent just before the finish.
    Results: http://www.procyclingstats.com/race.php?id=123953
    Team: Tone, Emilie, Elisa, Rossella, Miriam and Thea
  • Elisa fourth in tough 'Le Samyn des Dames' (UCI 1.2)  

    The Hitec Products women pinned their races numbers on again today the second edition of Le Samyn des Dames.
    The 119km race, which was held in freezing conditions again, consisted of a fast flat 38 kilometers before the peloton reached a tough and technical 21 kilometer finishing circuit of which they raced four laps.
    After fast, aggressive racing by the peloton Elisa Longo-Borghini claimed fourth place for the Hitec Products team — a sign of her form leading into the first of the World Cup races next week — behind winner Ellen van Dijk (Specialized lululemon), Shelly Olds (Tibco to the Top) and Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS).
    The fast pace for the first 40 kilometers of the race meant that the peloton reached the finishing circuits intact, however the short sharp climbs and wide open roads of the circuit meant this wasn’t to be the case for long.
    On the second last ascent of the only cobbled climb on the circuit the pace was pushed and van Dijk summited the climb with a small gap on the select chasing group which included Hitec Products riders Elisa and Chloe Hosking.
    After covering multiple attacks Elisa escaped with Johansson with a small gap to the chasing peloton as they tried to drag back van Dijk, the Dutch time-trial specialist. The duo were soon joined by Chloe who bridged across and tried to help close the gap.
    After a fast descent the trio began another short sharp climb with just over 26 kilometers to race however Chloe was unable to follow the pace set by Elisa and Johansson and dropped back to the chasing peloton leaving Elisa to battle it out. Johansson and Elisa were soon joined by Olds and the trio continued to chase van Dijk, however she proved too strong and crossed the finish 3minutes and 16seconds ahead of the chasing trio.
    The peloton were a further minute behind. The rest of the team of today finished here, except Thea who punctured on the last part of the race.
    Team: Elisa, Thea, Chloe, Emilia and Emilie.
  • Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (UCI 1.2)

    The european team debut was a cold affair, minus 2 but luckily no snow. It was Miriam Bjørnsrud and Rossella Ratto's first race for the team and they both raced well. Rossella had the longest solo break of the day. The first race of the year for many, and Thea, Emilia and Cecilie all was involved in crashes during the first nervous 50 km. After Patersberg a record big group of almost 50 riders was still together, where we had 5 riders (Thea, Miriam, Chloe, Elisa and Rossella). The group split after Molenberg and 13 riders broke away from the group. Unfortunately we had only Elisa here, while Orica had 4 and Rabobank 3. The attacks where too much for her and in the end Tiffanty Cromwell (Orica) and Megan Guarnier (Rabobank) rode away. Tiffany went on to win the race. Elisa finished as our best with her 12th place.

  • Team Cards 2013 available now!

    The team card and all the 12 individual riders cards are now available.

    Get card here!
  • Siri demonstrates the art of balance

    Friday easy news: The team was challenged on twitter after our newcomer Siri Minge from Stavanger bragged she could cook dinner while cycling on the free rollers. A link to cyclocross world champion Sven Nys fine demonstration of balance was posted in the challenge here: http://telly.com/2EFFVL
    so Siri made this reply
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5vcf6P1jvg&feature=youtu.be ,
    just to show she can do a little better.
    But the question remain, can she make dinner while cycling on the rollers? Watch this and judge for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybFvomdhW2Y&feature=youtu.be

  • Social Media and blog on CyclingNews.com

    The team will be blogging alternately on one of the biggest news-sites in the world, cyclingnews.com. First out is Chloe Hosking on her first meeting with the team and the first race in Qatar: Blog.
    We have also a refurbished facebook page.
    and be sure to follow us on twitter: @Hitec_Products
  • Great season start in 'Ladies tour of Qatar' (UCI 2.1)

    Stage win by Chloe Hosking on stage 1, followed by 3 days in the yellow jersey, and the youth jersey, and not least 2d in the GC, made for a succesful season start of the team. The sprint on stage 1 by Chloe was great. The following days we worked hard to keep the jersey. After losing yellow on the 3d stage after an unfortunate late puncture, we did our outmost to win it back on the last day. Kirsten Wild's Argos Shimano did a great job for her, and also had unexpected help. Late winning attempts from Elisa and Emilia was both reeled back by the Australian Orica-AIS instead of the yellow jersey's team. It ended in a sprint and Wild was again the strongest after Chloe started the sprint 50 meters too early. But this is both Chloe and the team's best ever performance in Ladies tour of Qatar. Also nice that the team rode so well together this early in the season, and not least that the last hour went live on TV everyday.
    Team in Qatar: Elisa, Emilia, Chloe, Tone and Thea (Emilie was ill before the start of the race)
    Movie Stage 1 (Stage Win):
    Movie Stage 2 (Break of 10):
    Movie Stage 3 (Puncture in the final): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA47PseltQs
    Movie Stage 4 (Late attacks):

    Photos from the race.
  • Training Camp in Nice!

    The team is gathered in Nice for a trainingcamp. Sportfoto.nl was there and made this album.
  • Cycling to work campaign, Hitec Products AS

    Hitec Products AS is concerned with the environment and will contribute to better health for their employees, and to reduce the car commuting in the heavy traffic in the Forus area, The campaign starts immediately and concern all employed by Hitec Products AS. Anyone who commutes to work at least once by 'own machine', cycling, walking or running, will receive a complete professional cycling kit from Decca Belgium, identical to the team kit Those who register 10 or more days will in addition receive a cycling jacket in similar design. Siri Minge from Stavanger is fronting the new campaign.
  • Rachel 8th in Australian Nationals, Road Race

    The season has started down under. Chloe and Rachel raced for the first time in the Hitec Products jersey. It became a very exciting race. As expected Rachel was heavily marked by the numerous Orica girls. Chloe was set to work for her as the course favoured Neylan. After numerous breaks a group of 4 not top favourites escaped, with Elvin (Orica), Hogan (BPD), Ryan (CZT) and Griffiths. On top of the final climb 6 km before the finish they had 30 seconds on the chase group with favourites Gillow and Cromwell (Orica), Rachel and comebacker Ruth Corset. The chase group was only 18 secs behind in the finish, which debutant Gracie Elvin won. 8-place for Rachel, and Chloe ended on 42th place.
    Prerace Interview with Rachel

  • Testing the new team clothes

    Tone have tested the new team clothes from Decca Belgium, and the verdict is that these are the best bib shorts we ever had in the team! And the design of the kit is beautiful, and at the same time, very practical. Nice to work with people that has a long history in cycling. And they know how to make special clothes for women.
  • New Team Glasses, Oakley Radar Lock

    Here are the new team glasses from Oakley, we think they are beautiful! Find out more on www.oakley.com and be sure to follow our sponsor on twitter, @oakley_nordic


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