Team Coop – Hitec Products signs Sylvie Swinkels

Dutch cyclist Sylvie Swinkels joins Team Coop – Hitec Products in 2022. The 21-years-old is the fifth new signing for the Norwegian UCI women’s team. She will be in her fourth year on the elite level next season. Next to Swinkels, Team Coop – Hitec Products renewed the contracts with Norwegian cyclist Ann Helen Olsen and German cyclist Christa Riffel for one more year. Both riders joined the team this season.

“I am looking forward to make a fresh start”, Swinkels says about joining Team Coop – Hitec Products. “It is a new environment, with many new opportunities. Team Coop – Hitec Products is a team where I get the chances to develop myself further. In races I see that the riders work well together, which I really like. Besides that, the team management shows they have trust in their riders. Both of those things result in a better atmosphere.”

Swinkels wants to make a new step in her own development and hopes to do so in her new team. “I want to develop myself further in the sprint and prologues. Playing the game in the final of races, getting the right wheel and jump over it at the right moment. A prologue is in most cases technical, which suits me. When I start focussing on it and train for it, I hope this will also get me some good results.”

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