Cecilie 9th and Julie 17th in the Chrono des Nations (UCI 1.1)

The last race of the season, and Julie Leth was finally back after her injury in June. She can be content with her 17th spot and grabbed the last chance to take home some points for the 2015 season. Cecilie did a good race even if she was somewhat down on the list from last year, the 9th place was satisfactory. Tatiana Antoshina won the race.
Report from Cecilie
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Almost for Lauren in the Worlds Championships RR

The Road Race in Richmond became a nailbiting experience, when Lauren Kitchen (Australia) was away with Scandolara (Italy) in the final kilometers of the race. Unfortunately the duo was catched in the last hill and Elisabeth Arimitstead (England) won from a small group in the end.
We had 7 girls from the team to start, Emilie, Ingrid, Cecilie, Miriam, Charlotte, Tatiana and Lauren.
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21-09-2015: Wielrennen: WK tijdrijden U23 en junior vrouwen: Richmond (USA) wielrennen: Valentina Scandolara

21-09-2015: Wielrennen: WK tijdrijden U23 en junior vrouwen: Richmond (USA) wielrennen: Valentina Scandolara

Dramatic in the World Championsships TTT (WCH) 20.Sep

We hoped for a good result in Richmond for the proteams’ TTT Sunday. The hopes was dealt a hard blow when Charlotte Beckers’ bike was disallowed by a UCI commisaire 4 minutes before the start, after the bike was approved in the pre-race check 1,5 hours before. The bike has been used in 5 UCI races this year. So the team had to start with 5 riders, and the girls did a decent result with a 10th place. The first 10 teams takes the precious UCI points that count as the «5th rider» in the 2016 world rankings. Velocio Sports won the race ahead of Boels Dolmans and Rabobank.
Team: Charlotte Becker, Tatiana Guderzo, Lauren Kitchen, Emilie Moberg, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Miriam Bjørnsrud
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Hitec TTT

3d for Kirsten in La Madrid Challenge La Vuelta (UCI 1.1) 13.Sep

It was a beautiful first Vuelta  race in Madrid centre on Sunday, where the whole team contributed to a podium for Kirsten Wild. Janicke Gunvaldsen covered countless attacks the first hour. Tatiana Guderzo and Lauren Kitchen covered whatever Janicke missed. Charlotte Becker was everywhere, including guarding Wld in the first part. Tone Hatteland Lima had a tough day but closed the dangerous attack of Valsecchi (BePink), when immediately after Guderzo and Kitchen ambushed the peloton with a surprise attack. The group grew to 13 when Charlotte Becker followed 5 chasers, and we had a very good situation with 3 in the break. Unfortunately, too many in the break saw the danger and stopped riding. The peloton came altogether, and the Hitec team made a powerful leadout train for sprinter Kirsten Wild. Despite the good team effort she was passed by Bronzini (Wiggle) and the winner Shelley Olds (Ale Cippolini), and finished 3d in the bunch sprint.
Team: Janicke Gunvaldsen, Tone H.Lima, Kirsten Wild, Charlotte Becker, Tatiana Guderzo, Lauren Kitchen
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Final Kilometers on Eurosport

Podium for Cecilie in La Lotto Belgium Tour (UCI 2.2) 8.-11. Sep

The 4 day stage race started well for the team, Lauren took all the bonus sprits the first day and was virtually in the leader jersey when there was a late 3-girl break including Cecilie. Cecilie finished 3d, and even if it was a little inconvenient that we lost the leader jersey and the chance of a bunch sprint with Lauren, it was still Cecilies first podium of 2015. The following day, Lauren got sick and chose to not start the 3d day. Tatiana and Ceclie also didnt start and our best finisher was Vita on 48th place. Emma Johansson (Sweden) won the race overall.
Team: Janicke Gunvaldsen, Tatiana Guderzo, Lauren Kitchen, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Shana Van Glabeke, Vita Heine
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Podiums x 2 for Kirsten in Boels Rental Holland Ladies Tour (UCI 2.1) 1.9.2015

A great week of racing i Holland, although not with the greatest weather. Kirsten won the peloton sprint for 3d on stage 3, after a break of 2 riders succeeded to trick the peloton. On the Saturday in Gennep Kirsten was incredibly close of winning but Brennauer passed her in the last 2 meters. For the final stage Tatiana got in a strong break of 11, unfortunately the group was caught back by the Boels Dolmans team, so De Jong (Rabo) won the stage and Lisa Brennauer (Velocio) won overall .
Team: Charlotte, Thea, Emilie, Tatiana, Tone, Kirsten