Team Coop – Hitec Products joins MPCC

It is with great pleasure that Team Coop – Hite Products announces that it has joined the Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Crédible, shortly MPCC. This association, that exists of a total of 13 women’s teams and 36 men’s teams, is aiming at defending clean cycling. “We have always lived the same values as the organisation”, team manager Karl Lima says. “This is an important step for our team and we look forward being part of the MPCC.”

Transparency, responsibility and their members’ engagement are the pillars of the identity of PCC. The organisations is also a whistleblower on corticosteroids, tramadol, stilnox and mechanical doping. Lima: “We sincerely wished to join the MPCC. We have followed their work for a while and are impressed by the amount of teams that have joined.”

Team Coop – Hitec Products wants to play there own part if it comes to defending clean cycling. “We want to contribute to the unity of the cycling world against doping, and express this through our support to this organisation. Our  membership will be an inspiration to our own organisation and a signal to our sponsors that we do take the threats from doping problems seriously.”

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