Team Coop – Hitec Products announces new jersey for 2023

Team Coop – Hitec Products will ride in a new jersey in 2023. This is in conjunction with welcoming new clothing sponsor CCN Sport, industry leaders in custom cycling clothing. The new design is a drastic change from recent years; however, it is unlike any other design in the women’s peloton, setting us apart for 2023.

Who are CCN Sport?

CCN Sport offers a wide range of cycling apparel and aim to provide the best quality to support athletes during training and under any weather conditions. This is particularly important for our riders that have to train in very cold and wet weather conditions this winter.

High-grade fabrics

CCN Sport use top of the range sublimation printing machines and high-grade fabrics to produce the best custom-made technical garments. All clothing is specifically made for athletes, meaning countless athletes can attest to the high-level quality that each garment offers.

A word from Team Manager Karl Lima:

We are delighted to welcome CCN Sport to the team. Their professionalism already became clear when we developed the new jersey design. They have a good reputation for providing the highest quality and comfort to athletes around the world, so we are very happy to have them onboard in 2023!”

Welcome to the Coop – Hitec Products family CCN Sport!

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