A new partnership with Wahoo in 2023

Wahoo has been revealed as one of our new team sponsors for 2023. As one of the most popular bike accessory brands in the world, Team Coop – Hitec Products are delighted to welcome them onboard for next season.

In 2023, riders will all receive a Wahoo KICKR V2 Trainer, an ELEMNT Rival sports watch, an ELEMNT Bolt V2 bike computer, a TICKR heart rate monitor, a RPM speed sensor and Speedplay pedals.

An exciting new partnership for the team

Wahoo is one of the top-rated cycling brands for a reason. They are renowned for their high quality and state-of-the-art technologies integrated into their unique designs. Through this partnership, riders will be able to optimise their training throughout the winter, indoors and outdoors leading up to the season and furthermore gather essential data used to improve performance in competition.

The team believes strongly that this partnership will indeed make a difference, not only in the way riders train, but also in the way analysis can be conducted after races or training sessions.

Team Coop – Hitec Products are very happy to have Wahoo on board from 2023!

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