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Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport are happy to announce the arrival of seven new partners for the 2021 cycling season. From them, Pump Supply will have the biggest role and have a prominent place on the team kit, together with Hitec Products. The other new partners are Jensen & Scheele Bil, Monkey Pumps, Hydraulic International, Morgan Blue, Valnor and Qing Yang Cave. Earlier Liv/Giant stepped in as the new bike sponsor for 2021. The official team name will be Team Hitec Products.

“This year has been very challenging for the whole cycling community. That’s why we are extra pleased to announce the arrival of seven new partners to our team”, Team Hitec Products team manager Karl Lima says. “And that after we also already started a promising collaboration with Liv/Giant. These partners together help us in our goal to develop talented riders and play a part in international women’s cycling.”

New Volvo team cars
The addition of Jensen & Scheele Bil as a new partner, means that Team Hitec Products in 2021 will have the ability to drive a new team car, as they are the Volvo dealer from Halden. Lima; “Volvo and Norway have a strong connection, as their cars are also very suitable for the winter times. Besides that Jensen & Scheele Bil have already been a partner of the Ladies Tour of Norway in the past years and therefore have a strong connection with Norwegian cycling. We can’t wait to get the new season underway and bring their car to the races.”

Team Hitec Products says goodbye to QM, Birk Sport and Fuji Bikes as partners. The team thanks them for their help in the past years.

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