Natalie Midtsveen looking forward to FARA Sykkelfestival

01-03-2020: Wielrennen: Hageland vrouwen: Tielt-Winge: Greta Richioud

Starting on Friday, this weekend the FARA Sykkelfestival is organized. A new chance for the Norwegian riders of Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport to race. In three days time two classic races and an individual time trial are organized. With Norwegian champion and Tour te Fjells winner Ingrid Lorvik, Pernille Feldmann, Silje Mathisen, Natalie Midtsveen, Ingvild Gaskjenn and Amalie Lutro, the team has six riders competing.

“Getting back to racing is terrifying in a good way”, Natalie says when we ask her about it. She had to deal with an injury and therefore didn’t start in the Tour te Fjells, where the team was successful two weeks ago. “I’ve just got back on the bike so my shape isn’t something to brag about, but I look forward to the feeling of racing.”

Individual races
The FARA Sykkelfestival exists of three days, but it are all individual races. Natalie: “It’s part of the national cup we have. And it all sums up in a general classification at the end of the season. I don’t know which of the three days I’m looking forward to the most. I don’t expect too much of myself, so I’m just trying to hold on as long as possible. The last day is the day that looks ‘easiest’.”

Back in the peloton
Being back in the peloton is already something special. “Getting to meet people and travel on races is something I’ve missed a lot”, Natalie says. That the riders are able to race in Norway is something they can really use. “It’s really import to get back into the peloton, even if it’s a small one, and get the feeling of racing again. Also pushing our body’s a lot more than on training is great. I will be happy on Sunday when I’ve got through it all with a good feeling.”


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