Natalie Midtsveen: “I learned a lot in such a short time”

01-03-2020: Wielrennen: Hageland vrouwen: Tielt-Winge: Greta Richioud

One of the biggest goals of Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport is to help Norwegian talents to become better cyclists. This season there are six Norwegian riders in the team who are 21 years or younger. The youngest of them is Natalie Midtsveen. She is 18 years young and just started her first year is a senior rider. “Joining the team is a bit scary, but at the same time a fun opportunity to develop as a rider.”

After introducing Greta Richioud in our first interview with our four new riders, this time it is up to Natalie. “I´ve always looked up to my older brother”, she tells. “When he started cycling I just had to follow.” Last year she became Norwegian junior champion and already raced with the team in the Tour de Belle Isle en Terre, a two days race in France. “That was really exciting and I learned a lot in such a short time. Everyone was very positive and they were also good in giving tips and good advice.”

Natalie, who is in the final months of high school, started the season with three races in Belgium. With that she officially joined Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport, the only Norwegian UCI-team for women. “For many girls this team is a big inspiration and it is for me as well. The team is really interested in the younger generation of cyclists. They welcomed me really good and I feel included in the team. The atmosphere is very good.”

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Small steps
After a few races, both last year and now in the beginning of the season, Natalie already learned a lot. “For example that every meter you can help a teammate, is one meter closer to winning. My goal for this season is to be a good teammate and to make small steps every day, to become a better rider.”

It is the start of a successful career, Natalie hopes. She has her dreams; “At a long term my goal is to establish at a high international level, where I am able to make a mark in races. And of course winning big championships such as the world championships or the olympics is a big dream.”

Last week we already interviewed Greta Richioud. She is also new in the team. Want to read that interview? Click here!


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