Lena Soland joins Team Coop – Hitec Products

Team Coop – Hitec Products have signed a new rider, who will join the group immediately. The talented 23-years-old Lena Soland from Norway will make her international debut for the team in Belgium in early June. Soland is more or less a ‘blank page’ in cycling. She played football on top level the past 15 years, developed a love for cycling and won already some local races in Norway.

“When the pandemic started we weren’t able to train or play matches as a team”, Lena tells about the start of her switch. “Then I got introduced to road cycling. I really liked it and decided to switch sports. I played soccer until November 2021. After that I went all in for cycling.” Lena has so far been racing for the Sandnes Sykkelklubb. Team Coop – Hitec Products wants to develop her talent, to see how far she can get, coming from a different sport.

“I am super excited to join the team and to get to know the girls. I am very thankful for this opportunity”, Lena says. “I look forward to get more experience and to become a better cyclist. The level will be though, but I will do my best and try to learn as much as I can. My goal is to get to the level as quick as I can and always do my best in every race.”

Lena, in red, during her football career

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