Vita Heine: “It wasn’t my day”

Where Chloe Dygert surprised by winning the time trial of the world championships with a big advantage, Vita Heine wasn’t happy with her result. The Norwegian time trial champion of Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport set the 21st time. The rain that kept falling during the day, made it hard for her. “When you already know underway that it is not going to be your day, it is hard to deal with that.”

After quite some crashes in the men’s U23 time trial, the start of the women’s race was delayed with half an hour. It kept raining, but the organization was able to pump away some of the biggest puddles. “The delay was not so bad for me, but the bad weather was”, said Vita after her race. “I am dissapointed with this result. It was difficult to keep pushing the last thing out of myself, knowing that it wasn’t going to be what I hoped for.”

Road race on Saturday
On Saturday the women’s have their road race. Vita then is also one of the riders in the Norwegian team, as is Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport rider Ingvild Gaskjenn. The other three riders in the team are Katrine Aalerud, Susanne Andersen and Stine Borgli. Vita: “Saturday is a new opportunity.  We will see what happens.” The road race of the world championships starts at 11.40 British time and goes over 150 kilometers.


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