Marta Tagliaferro: “I want some good results”

Marta Tagliaferro

Until 2016, Marta Tagliaferro only rode for Italian teams. After two years at Cylance Pro Cycling, she joined Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport this season. With that, the team added a rider with a lot of experience, who also has a very strong sprint. “I am sure we will surprise a lot of people this year”, says the 29-years old Italian rider.

Her move to the team was due to another rider. “Karlijn Swinkels of Ale-Cipollini, my former team, is a friend of mine. She helped me to find a team last summer and today I can say it was the best choice I could take. I feel important in this team, there is focus and it is also relaxed. I needed an experience in a team that is a bit smaller after a lot of years in big teams, where I just helped the leaders. I am really happy to be in this team.”

In the one day races and the stage races that are not too much uphill, Marta hopes to show herself. “I am a sprinter, but I can survive the harder races also when I am in a good shape. I actually don’t like the totally flat races. When there is a good breakaway I will have the brave to go in and do my best to find a success.”

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This season Marta hopes to show more of herself than she could do in the past. “In 2019 I would, for the first time, like to have a bit of space and fight for some good personal results. I always have been a good helper for the team in the ten years of professional racing I did so far and I think it’s the right moment to show myself and others what I can do against the best riders in the world.”

Teach the young riders
But there is more for the fast Italian rider. “I know I am important for the younger teammates too”, Marta tells. “I will give them all my experience and hope I can help them to grow, as athletes and also as women. So far I am proud to see that the young rider learn and listen to all the advices they get from me, some other riders and the staff. It are important goals to let them grow up and be important to the team.”

Who to watch
So what can we expect this year and who of the team do we have to watch according to Marta? “That is an interesting question. Of course Lucy is a great rider. She has already shown how strong she is and I think this is an opportunity for her to find herself and believe in her possibilities. I will help her to be a top rider again. About Lonneke I was also surprised. She is a first year, but she moves in the peloton like an experienced rider. That’s an important detail.”

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