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Already on the road since 2009, Team Hitec Products is the oldest still existing UCI team in the peloton. A lot of riders rode for the team in those twelve years. To us, this corona period seems to be a good time to look back a bit. Therefor we start a new interview series in which we talk to former riders of the team. Starting with Norwegian Johanne Bergseth, who raced for the team in 2011 and 2012.

As she is now married, Bergseth changed her name to Kommedal. We asked her six questions. Those questions we will also ask to other former riders. Every two weeks there will be an interview on this website with a former rider of the team.

1. How are you doing and what does your life look like now, since you retired as a cyclist?
I’m doing really fine. At the moment I’m home in maternity leave with my third child, Josefine. She came in January. I have also Kasper (4) and Sofie (2) together with my husband Ørjan. After leaving Hitec I have been working as a teacher in a High School, teaching math and science. The last year I have also been leading an apartment at the same school, where we are teaching students working with health and children.

2. You were a cyclist for Team Hitec Products in 2011 and 2012. How do you look back at that time?
I look back at the time with pride. We were riding for Emma Johansson, who was a world star and gave us the opportunity to do many big races. We lived at Hof’ter Kammen during the spring, training at the cobbles and preparing for races. It were two good years and I have many good memories from the time with the girls.

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3. How do you look back at your cycling career in general?
I look back at many years with training and racing. It gave me more than only physical strength. I’m happy for all the travels and all the nice people I have been meeting all over the world. Sometimes I regret I didn’t try to be a fulltime cyclist. When I was racing for Hitec I also was a fulltime student and when I finished my studies I stopped cycling. My cycling career gave me a lot of useful experiences that have been useful not only on my bike but also in my daily life and at work.

4. About your time with Team Hitec Products; what is the first thing or moment that pops into your mind?
I think it has to be our travels to China and Qatar. Big races in unusual circumstances. And also the Hell-trip to Martin at Gran Canaria, where we did a training of eight hours.

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In Qatar, this ‘fan’ wanted to get a picture with Johanne.

5. The team is now in its twelfth year and with that it is the oldest still existing UCI-team. How do you look at that?
Tone and Karl have always been, and still are doing a great job with the team. Not only the riders but also the staff. I think all the riders that have been cycling for Hitec have been feeling very welcome. They are unique and have been doing much not only for Hitec, but also Norwegian cycling. I’m happy to hear that the team still is doing great and have many exciting Norwegian riders.

6. What are your hopes for the future of the team and Scandinavian cycling?
I hope they will continue giving Norwegian and Scandinavian cyclists the opportunity to live the dream on their bike and race big races. Best wishes to the team and Tone & Karl.

From left to right: Lise Nøstvold, Tone Hatteland Lima, Thea Thorsen, Johanne Bergseth, Emilie Moberg and Marie Voreland (2012).

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