2nd in Chongming Island World Cup (UCI CDM)

Kirsten 2nd place was a result of a great performance underway by the Hitec team to control the peloton single handedly. Thea and Tone chased the break of Chulkova (Bepink) and Ming (Chongming Giant) for almost 30 km, to catch them exactly on the 5 km mark. The train of Charlotte, Lauren and Tatiana set up Kirsten perfectly for the final 200 meters. Only a slightly too early sprint by Kirsten allowed Bronzini (WHT) to pass her on the final 20 meters to take the world cup win. Unfortunately, the report posted on the UCI page was written by a person who had obviously not been at the race, but so be it. It was probably our best team performance of the season so far!
Team: Kirsten, Thea, Tone, Lauren, Charlotte, Tatiana
Results: http://www.cqranking.com/women/asp/gen/race.asp?raceid=10422

CDM Team

24 thoughts on “2nd in Chongming Island World Cup (UCI CDM)”

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