Vita Heine wins Tour de Feminin

Vita Heine has won the Tour de Feminin. After winning the individual time trial on Saturday, she was able to keep the yellow leaders jersey in the two stages after that. “I am very happy with this win”, Vita said after the race. “This would not have been possible without such a good team.” As Marta Tagliaferro won the first stage, the team went home with three victories.

The last stage on Sunday was a hard one, because of the way the peloton raced. Vita: “There was an early break away, with Brodie Chapman from Tibco in it. She was only four seconds behind me in the general classification. Luckily we had Ingvild in that group, who did not work and just sat behind her.”

It was Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport that was working behind that break away. “The rest of our team worked super hard to catch the break away. Ingrid did the last super long pull into the last climb. I then attacked imidiately and dropped Chapman. With that, we got a new break away, with me and Ingvild in it. That was perfect.”

Ingvild second, or not?
The first group made it to the finish. “We worked together untill the finish”, Vita tells. “Ingvild then sprinted to second place.” However, after the race, Ingvild got a 20 seconds penalty for feeding on 7 kilometers before the finish. A penalty the team does not agree on, as it was not her but the final stage winner that got feeding at that point. She was wearing the blue mountain jersey and because of that the commissairs seem to have mistaken her for Ingvild. As they did not change there mind afterwards, Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport will send an official complaint to the UCI.

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