Norwegian talents re-sign with Hitec Products – Birk Sport

Team Hitec - Birk Sport

Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport are happy to announce that four Norwegian talents have re-signed their contracts and will also be part of the team in 2020. Ingvild Gaskjenn (21), Amalie Lutro (19), Pernille Feldmann (19) and Thale Kielland Bjerk (18) are the four talented Norwegian riders that already have been part of the team this season. The team sees their development and wants to keep working on that, together with the riders.

Team manager Karl Lima is happy with the contract renewals. “One of the key elements of our team is to develop Norwegian talents”, he says. “This year we took Amalie, Thale and Pernille in the team as first year elite riders. We are very happy with their progress and the role the girls play in the team. Ingvild is already part of Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport since 2017. She showed progress in the last two years, but this year she really made a big step. Her results in the stage races Tour de Feminin and Kreiz Breizh showed that, but also her sixth place at the European championships last weekend.”

Of course, the four riders also gave their reactions:

Ingvild Gaskjenn
“I am happy to continue with the team for 2020! The atmosphere in the team is really good and I enjoy racing and travelling with the girls. I have high ambitions for 2020 and I am aiming for some top results, alongside to continue to work hard for the team.”

Thale Kielland Bjerk
“The atmosphere in the team is so good and I really enjoy to be travelling with such a helpful and welcoming staff and riders! I am really happy to be able to race with Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport next season too, because as a young rider in the senior peloton I need the kind of races that I can ride with this team. In the 2020 season I hope to be learning just as much as I have learned this season and I hope to develop further, because I still have a lot to learn from the riders and the staff on the team.”

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Amalie Lutro

Amalie Lutro
“I am honoured that I get to race with Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport for another year. This year has been both hard and fun. I have learnt so much and I am really looking forward to learn even more next year. I don’t think there is a better team for my development, and I feel really lucky I get to be a part of such a great team for one more year.”

Pernille Feldmann
“I am honoured to get a new contract from Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport. This year has been challenging for me and I have learned a lot from all the races and the other riders in the team. I can’t wait to do another year with this team, with the other girls, and to develop even more. I want to thank Karl and Tone for giving me the opportunity.”

Photo’s: – On the top photo: from left to right Thale Kielland Bjerk, Ingvild Gaskjenn and Pernille Feldmann, together with Lucy van der Haar on the rigth.

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