Rainy day in Vårgårda (CDM) 

It was a hard day in terrible weather in Vårgårda for the sunday of the road race. Julie, Emilie and Cecilie stayed in the first group until the last of the 13 rounds, when Cecilie and Emilie dropped on the hill. Julie was strong the whole day but she couldnt follow in the attack fest on the final kilometers and ended up 25th, Chantal Blaak (Specialized Lululemon) won the race from a small break of 3 riders. 
Team: Miriam, Tone, Julie, Emilie, Cecilie, Sara 
Results Vårgårda CDM
UCI World Rankings after Vårgårda RR 


Ladies Tour of Norway (UCI 2.2)

The first Norwegian UCI stage racein Halden was a fantastic addition to the womens calendar. Nice accomodation, courses and surroundings. The race started with a technical prologue and continued with 2 hard and hilly road races, The strong Rabobank team dominated the race almost like if Barcelona were allowed to play in a tournament in the Norwegian 3 division of football, they won all the stages, all the jerseys, and took the 3 first places on the podium. Anna vd Breggen was the end winner.  Our best result was Emilie Moberg’s 14th place in the 1.stage.
Team: Emilie Moberg, Sara Olsson, Thea Thorsen, Tone Hatteland Lima, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Miriam Bjørnsrud


Vos wins another Bunch sprint in Sparkassen Giro (UCI CDM)

The 6th round of the World Cup was held in the familiar Sparkassen Giro course in Bochum, Germany. The team protected Emilie Moberg well throughout the race, and she took a nice 13th place in the select group of 50 riders who sprinted for the victory. Marianne Vos (Rabobank) winning, was maybe no surprise. The team kept the 3d place in the UCI World Coup team competition, and now have 3 riders in the top 15. Results can be found here and the whole ranking can be found here.
Team;: Emilie, Julie, Lauren, Tone, Sara, Thea

Hitec Products Team at Sparkassen Giro (Hitec Products) From left: Lauren Kitchen, Julie Leth, Sara Olsson (hanging), Thea Thorsen, Emilie Moberg and Tone Hatteland Lima

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