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Dramatic in the World Championsships TTT (WCH) 20.Sep

We hoped for a good result in Richmond for the proteams’ TTT Sunday. The hopes was dealt a hard blow when Charlotte Beckers’ bike was disallowed by a UCI commisaire 4 minutes before the start, after the bike was approved in the pre-race check 1,5 hours before. The bike has been used in 5 UCI races this year. So the team had to start with 5 riders, and the girls did a decent result with a 10th place. The first 10 teams takes the precious UCI points that count as the “5th rider” in the 2016 world rankings. Velocio Sports won the race ahead of Boels Dolmans and Rabobank.
Team: Charlotte Becker, Tatiana Guderzo, Lauren Kitchen, Emilie Moberg, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Miriam Bjørnsrud
Results Here
Video of the race

Hitec TTT

Vårgårda World Cup Road Race (UCI CDM) 23.08.2015

The race started bad for us, after about 40 km on the new gravel section, a crash took out both Charlotte and Miriam. In the penultimate round Emilie got a mechanical and was out of the front group. In the final, We had 3 riders in the group of 31, and Lauren sprinted to a 10th place. Winner of the race was Jolien d’Hoore (Wiggle Honda)
Team: Miriam, Charlotte, Kirsten, Emilie, Lauren, Tatiana

Happy ending in Ladies Tour of Norway (UCI 2.2) 14.-16.August

It was a weekend of ups and downs. Bike trouble for Emilie in the show criterium on Friday as well as in the final of stage 1.  Crash for Vita Heine, and a complete off-day for Miriam and Thea on the first day, so we had to start stage 2 with only 4 riders . Luckily it ended in a positive way, with Emilie Moberg sprinting to third place in contest with the worlds no 1, 2 and 9 on the UCI ranking. And Tatiana ended 8 and Charlotte 10th in the GC. Our goal for the race was a podium on a stage and a top 10 in the GC so we met and exceeded our expectations. On the last day, the small team responded well, with Vita getting bottles in the car with a broken rib, Charlotte working like a slave in all the breaks, Our road captain Tatiana leading out Emilie and Emilie taking the “border sprint” and her 5th UCI-podium this summer. Megan Guarnier (Boels Dolmans) won overall.
Team: Charlotte, Tatiana, Miriam, Thea, Emilie, Vita

Emilie LTON