Miriam Bjørnsrud first UCI-Podium in Cholet (UCI 1.2)

The team raced the womens version of the GP de Cholet in France. Oceania Champ Lauren Kitchen crashed in the middle of the race but was brought back in the peloton by season debutant Thea Thorsen and Julie Leth. After active racing we managed to form a break of 18 girls with Tatiana and Miriam, which later was reduced to only 12 girls. In the final kilometers, Miriam attacked together with Cordon (Wiggle Honda) and Rivat (Futuroscope) and in the sprint Cordon was the strongest. Miriam’s 3d place is her first UCI-podium and her best international result so far. Tatiana Guderzo finished 11th. The full results can be seen here.
Team: Thea Thorsen, Vita Heine, Tatiana Guderzo, Miriam Bjørnsrud, Julie Leth, Lauren Kitchen


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