Ladies Tour of Norway (UCI 2.2)

The first Norwegian UCI stage racein Halden was a fantastic addition to the womens calendar. Nice accomodation, courses and surroundings. The race started with a technical prologue and continued with 2 hard and hilly road races, The strong Rabobank team dominated the race almost like if Barcelona were allowed to play in a tournament in the Norwegian 3 division of football, they won all the stages, all the jerseys, and took the 3 first places on the podium. Anna vd Breggen was the end winner.  Our best result was Emilie Moberg’s 14th place in the 1.stage.
Team: Emilie Moberg, Sara Olsson, Thea Thorsen, Tone Hatteland Lima, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Miriam Bjørnsrud


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